CA Final Teachers

Paper-1: Financial Reporting:

Paper-2: Strategic Financial Management

Paper-3: Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics:

Paper-4: Corporate and Economic Laws:

Paper-5: Strategic Cost Management & Performance Evaluation:

Paper-6A: Risk Management:

Paper-6B: Financial Services and Capital Markets:

Paper-6C: International Taxation:

Paper-6D: Economic Laws:

Paper-6E: Global Financial Reporting Standards:

Paper-7: Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation:

Paper-8: Indirect Tax Laws:

FAQ CA Final Teachers

Q. Who Earns More CA or MBBS?

A. Although we should not compare different professions. And it is always a matter of interest which always shows your success in your profession. So if you have interest in finances you should go for CA and serve the country with your financial knowledge. If you are good at understanding diseases & its cure so you should serve the nation with your knowledge. It totally depends on your interest, as both are a good profession & you can see all levels of professionals with all kinds of salaries, some are earning good while some are just able to get the minimum salary/earning.

Q. How many attempts CA final?

A. Although in CA, the attempts are unlimited, your attempts are counted only for the date of registration. From the date of registration, you can give 10 attempts, as the registration is valid for 5 years.
Also, ICAI checks the registration validity, so it’s up to you whether you are attempting for exams or not.

Q. Who is the youngest chartered accountant in India?

A. Nishchal Narayanam, is a famous name in creating history of CA. He made a record of the youngest CA of the country at the age of 19. He cracked the CA Final exams in 2015.

Q. What is the age limit for CA?

A. There is no upper age limit for CA exams. You are eligible to appear for CA Foundation exams after clearing Class 12 exams. Although now you can register/aaply for CA Foundation exams soon after passing Class 10.